SkitterTV Pricing

2018 SkitterTV Pricing

 Item/Package  Cost per Month
 All Everything Triple Play (Includes Skitter Total, Starz, and StarzEncore)  $173.00
 Skitter Total Triple Play (Includes Skitter Total)  $163.00
 Skitter Prime Triple Play (Includes Skitter Prime)  $150.00
 Skitter Select (1 Set Top Box Free)  $28.00
 Skitter Prime (1 Set Top Box Free)  $75.00
 Skitter Total (1 Set Top Box Free)  $88.00
 Starz  $10.00
 StarzEncore  $5.00
 Starz and StarzEncore  $12.00
 HBO  $22.00
 Cinemax  $20.00
 HBO and Cinemax  $40.00
 All Premium Movie Channels (Starz, StarzEncore, HBO, and Cinemax)  $52.00
 NFL Redzone  TBD
 Additional Set Top Box  $5.00
 Whole Home Remote Storage DVR100 (100 Hours)  $10.00
 Whole Home Remote Storage DVR200 (200 Hours)  $13.00
 Whole Home Remote Storage DVR300 (300 hours)  $16.00
 WatchTVEverywhere  Free for 2018
 Restart Live TV  Free for 2018

* Prices do not include any additional fees and taxes.

All our Triple Play bundles include the channel lineup stated above plus:

  • 1 Set Top Box Free
  • Free Unlimited Long Distance
  • Up to 5 Free Custom Calling Features (Caller ID, Selective Call Reject, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, and Speed Call 8 or 30)
  • Tier 3 Internet (60×25)
  • IWM
  • Free Whole Home Remote Storage DVR100 for 6 months after sign up

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