Local Telephone Services

Cozad Telephone’s local service hits right at home with our low prices. For our customers, we provide high quality services such as voice mail, call waiting, and much much more.

We also supply all of your communication needs by offering a wide selection of desk, wall-style, and cordless phones. For your phones, we provide a wide range of accessories such as caller ID boxes, coiled cords and basecords.

Along with the many things that Cozad Telephone offers, our biggest asset is our service. We have a number of technicians more than willing to fulfill all of your needs at a moments notice.

Basic Cozad Telephone Service

Telephone Service  Rate
Basic Residential Telephone Service $19.95
Basic Business Telephone Service $29.95

Cozad Telephone’s Custom Calling Features

Feature Rate
Residential Call Waiting $2.25
Residential Speed Call 8 Number $1.75
Residential Speed Call 30 Number $4.25
Residential Speed Call 30 Number $4.25
Residential Call Forwarding $1.75
Call Forward Busy Line $1.75
Residential 3-Way Calling $2.00
6 Way Conference $4.95
Business Call Waiting $2.75
Business Speed Call 8 Number $2.50
Business Speed Call 30 Number $6.50
Business Call Forwarding $2.50
Business 3-Way Calling $2.75
Distinctive Ring Primary Number $4.95
Secondary Directory Number $4.95
Caller ID $4.95
Caller ID/Call Waiting $6.95
Toll Restrict With Pin Number $2.25
Anonymous Call Reject $2.00
Telemarket Do Not Disturb $4.95
Enhanced Telemarketing Do Not Disturb $2.95
Unlimited Long Distance $20.00

Stop in to check out pricing on all of our phones and phone accessories!