SkitterTV| Telephone | Internet

We offer a wide range of useful services: from our excellent telephone service, DSL, gigabit ethernet, and Skitter TV, as well as our technical support. Cozad Telephone is here for our local and rural customers.

Triple Play Bundles

We now offer three different Triple Play bundles.  All of our Triple Play bundles include:

  • Telephone Service
  • TV Lineup (Prime, Total, or Total with Starz and StarzEncore)
  • 1 STB
  • Free Unlimited Long Distance
  • Up to 5 Free Custom Calling Features (Caller ID, Selective Call Reject, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, and Speed Call 8 or 30)
  • Tier 3 Internet (60×25)
  • IWM
  • Free Whole Home DVR100 for 6 months after sign up

Call, or stop in, to get signed up.

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